Should I Use Landing Pages? What’s the Point of Landing Pages?

Do you want to grow your list with high conversion rates? Well then you need to use landing pages. The whole point of a landing page is to direct visitors to make a single action like getting them to subscribe to your list.

Landing pages are awesome because of the simplicity of them but yet the call to action is right in front of the visitor.

The reason why landing pages are so good at getting conversion rates is because they offer one single goal such as getting people to opt in. Landing pages are void of any distractions such as navigations menus or any other information, with a landing page it’s all about minimizing the distractions.

Your landing page pretty much determines the success of your ad campaign. Is there such thing as a poor landing page? Well yes there is and having a poor landing page will not give you a good ROI or conversion rates.

So what does a good landing page look like?

Here is what a typical landing page looks like:


How about driving traffic to my homepage?

So maybe you’re thinking why not just send traffic to your homepage…

Seriously don’t do this, your homepage is full of information so when visitors are taken to your homepage they are presented with a cluttered page full of information hence there is a good chance the most important action will be missed. This is wasted traffic that should be driven to your landing page which is only offering one thing and that’s getting them to opt in.

How to make a successful landing page?

When a visitor arrives on your page they will spend a few seconds only before deciding if its any use to them or not. So what you need to be sure to do is make that few seconds count and grab their attention as soon as they arrive, you don’t want them to be looking around what to do or what they are supposed to be doing if this happens they will more than likely be leaving in no time. So to make the first few seconds count I would advise you put yourself in their shoes and look at it from their point of view for example:

  • Does this site explain what is being offered?
  • Do I understand it?
  • What do I need to do?
  • How long will this take me?

Point being is that your landing page needs to be simple yet clear on what the visitor needs to be doing when they arrive, so if your offering a free report for example do they know what the report is about? If they have no idea what the free report is about why would they sign up? Also is the call to action immediately in front of them? Don’t make them look for the call to action, instead make it the first thing they see.

Summarizing Up…

Hopefully I have explained well enough why you should use landing pages and the point of them its a pretty simple concept really. If your main focus is to build a list then it’s really the best way to go and all list builders including myself use landing pages. Do remember a landing page gives your visitor one thing and one thing only to do and that’s your call to action, there are no other distractions for them that’s why landing pages are awesome.

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