Traffic: Free Vs. Paid

Traffic is great, it’s awesome when it’s free and it’s awesome when it’s paid but which should you use or which is better?

Free traffic and paid traffic has its place, I use mostly paid traffic but also have traffic that comes from free traffic. What I like about paid traffic is that it’s very controllable to my budget and the nice thing about free traffic once it starts coming in it keeps coming without much work from me.

Ok so let’s look at a number of common sources where you can get some free traffic:

  • Seo
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Article Marketing
  • Press Release

How about paid traffic sources, let’s have a look at some best paid traffic sources:

  • PPC (Google, Bing)
  • PPV
  • Facebook Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • Media Buys

What are the pros and cons of free traffic?

Alright some of the pros and cons for free traffic, this isn’t all of them just some of the major pros and cons right here:


  • The most obvious it’s free. You don’t have to worry budget, etc.
  • You feel better about leaving campaigns alone for a few days
  • Traffic can continue to come for a long time after you stop working


  • Traffic comes in slowly and can take time to see a significant large amount of traffic
  • It’s often not as easy to scale or control as compared to paid traffic
  • Testing on a new product can take time to figure out the real results of how well it converts

What are the pros and cons of paid traffic?


  • You can get a lot of traffic come quickly
  • Testing new offers can be done quickly to see if they will convert
  • You can often be more targeted and get sales quicker


  • You have to spend money to make money
  • Budgets can limit your traffic reach
  • Some paid traffic sources such as PPC have a learning curve and can take a while for unexperienced to get a good campaign with ROI

Which is better free or paid? 

Ok and the answer is none of them. Many people make tons of money using both sources so why would you not use one but the other? It makes sense that since both method of traffic works then use both.

I mentioned I mainly use paid traffic this is partly due to what it is im selling or advertising but I also use free traffic such as this blog which I do SEO and majority of my traffic comes from that. When I want to test a page or offer I will use paid traffic to test as it’s much quicker to get some instant traffic to blast and test how well it converts.

Also you need to take into account the situation such as if you’re on a very tight budget or just starting out with traffic then going the free traffic route first would probably make more sense until you’re in a better financial situation and or have some experience where you feel more confident to give paid traffic a go.

It’s a shame that I see too many people choosing either one or the other, the people that pay for traffic disregard the free traffic as taking too much time to see results and don’t have the patience to write articles or do SEO or for the other people that argue why pay for traffic when you can get it for free, it’s a pointless argument and the truth is both should be optimized, it’s great to have traffic coming in from different sources if I decide to stop a campaign this doesn’t result in my traffic been stopped I still have traffic coming in from other sources paid or free.

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